Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TCAF: Comic goodyness

Decided to do a bit of a video-blogger 'dry run' by takin' the Xacti to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, in hopes of grabbin' the good word from some of them there comic's creatin' people. Overall, it was a learnin' experience. I learned me:

1) 1 gig cards just ain't gonna cut it.
2) It is physically possible to go to comics fest and not buy anything. It's unpleasant, but possible.
3) Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim) really, REALLY hates video cameras. Course, if I had a dude what looks like a middle-aged gothic biker holding what looks like a cross between a hi-8 and a geiger counter roll up on me asking me redundant questions, I'd get a lil' hanky too.

Ya take the goods with the bads, though, not that Bryan was bad, per se, but he's the only dude what didn't want to talk to yours truly. I'll fill you in on all the comic madness early next week when I upload some interviews and such to Youtube. Meanwhile, click the pic to see what y'all missed! And Bryan...sorry fer messin' up yer groove, guy. My bad.

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