Friday, August 24, 2007

more Dave goodness...

First off, it's VICE, not Vibe. Vibe's about black music n' culture n' that kinda hotness. VICE is about...well, click on the above image to enlarge what Dave done fer 'em and their Free Comic Day 2007 issue, and you'll see what VICE be about. Forewarned, it's as filthy as the day is long. Funny as hell, though.

For those of you with the weaker constitutions (a.k.a. a sense of taste...sorry Dave, but "inserrrt"? Just yech. Still funny as hell, though), here's a link to some classic Dave, animated by Mr. Man's Steve Whitehouse, no less.

Lastly, if you visit Dave's site, you'll note that he's been off the collective radar screens of his fans for some time, which he apologizes fer. Seems he's been pretty damn busy with new gallery openings and a kid's book (penned under a pseudonym) due out...well, hell, it could be out now. There's no date on this, so there's no way to tell when he penned this missive about his whereabouts. A June 2007 post on Drawn!, John Martz's web stompin' ground, covers his creative process developing a series of paintings for a 2008 exhibition at Billy Shire Fine Arts in LA. Here's a sample of his work in progress:

Click the pic and it'll link ya to the Drawn! post, from there you can hop on over to Dave's Flikr page and check out more of what Dave's workin' on. More OIAF poster madness next week!

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