Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ottawa posters cont.:Nick Cross (2003)

Continuing on with our look at them Ottawa posters, this time it's Nick Cross, a disciple of that most unholy of unholies, John K. Speak not his full name, lest he manifest in your den and do horrible things unto your collection of celebrity undies.

Nick's style is all up in John K.'s, drenched with that trademark early Warner's look as seen through a very twisted lens. Just like Jessica Borutsky, by far John's cutest unholy minion, Nick brings his own flair, adapting the style to a less scatalogical and more culture-jamming...his last film 'Waif of Persephone' was a combination of fairy tale, penny-opera and political skewering, complete with a title you can hang yer hat on and still have room for the coat.

Nick did double-duty in 2003, creating the poster and animating the sig-film. Correct me if'n I'm wrong, but I believe that SAFO and OIAF were rolled into each other in 2004 and from that point became a yearly thang. Either way, really cool retro-groove to this poster that lovingly lampoons the old homey-ness of vintage cartoons. Really great color work, too!

Unfortunately, Nick's a popular boy. This poster's sold out, so take a long loving gander at the above. Hey, mebbe you could track one down on the Ebay? More later.

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