Thursday, July 31, 2008

MONSTERJAM: Part the Last.

Greetings, my monstrous minions. This one thanks you for your patience; would that I could say with an honest heart that matters of great import prevented my promised delivery of this two weeks ago, but, alas, 'twas more the matter of the weather than of work.

Recriminations aside, I have promised and I have (finally) delivered. The completing half of our monstrous whole lies above for your delectation. And for those who prefer YouTube, it lies below.

Special thanks to one and all, the TAIS board, the animators, NFB staff, Monster Factory, The Beguiling, and everyone else who had a hand in making this a truly monumental event in TAIS history.

A special note: MyToons currently has the film featured on the main page, and I have it on good authority that Channel Frederator will be programming the films into episodes coming very soon. Thanks, thanks, a thousand times thanks once again to our terrific, gentlemen and ladies, as they say in the vernacular, rock.

I'll leave you on this note: what will we do for an encore in the New Year? The mind fairly boggles. Good morrow, one and all...may your pencils never dull.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nicktoons Festival: Deadline August 1st!

Again with the Monster delays...sorry folks, it's comin' don't you worry. Meanwhile, the NickToons Festival entry period ends at the end of the week, so if you want a chance to get your stuff aired online and on TV, send in them shorts. I'll be shipping off a copy of my film tanight...wish me the luck. Later!

Friday, July 25, 2008

MONSTER my bad...

I promise you guys the second part of MONSTERJAM, then vanish for a week...I'm a real bad pooch. My bad, it's been, well, one of them weeks where nothin' seems to get accomplished for no good reason.

At least the fellas over at MyToons are on the job. They've got a new contest going to promote their hi-def content...go have a gander, and I'll be sure to post the remaining monster madness next week. Honest. Meanwhile, have a look at this week's winner, and go over to MyToons and enter and/or vote!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stefan G. Bucher

Sorry, my loyal yet lascivious lovers of monster mayhem...MONSTERJAM: Part the Second will have to wait 'til the coming of the next week. Many apologies. You'll be happy to note, however, that Part the First is currently the 2nd featured animation on the MyToons main page. Thanks to my monstrous minions for making such marvelous motions. More to come.

In the meantime, gaze in awe at the fine works of master monster maker Stefan G. Bucher, and while you're at it, go purchase his fine yet fuzzy tome "100 Days of Monsters". A book and a DVD for a mere twenty...bargain, says I. Go, enjoy, and stay cool. Special thanks to MyToons for their support and for the excellent article on Mr. Bucher. Cheers!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Splashworks at Casual Connect '08

Just a quick note to let y'all know that Rob and Jen from, my lovely lovely day job, will be in Seattle next week for the Casual Connect '08 games conference. Come on by and get some Splashy swag!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Simon's Cat

A new cartoon from the catty Simon Tofield, a man who's really into his pussy. Cat. Courtesy of Aaron Simpson over at Cold Hard Flash.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MONSTERJAM pt. 1-YouTube edition

Apologies to all you blog-goers out there having trouble with the MyToons embed. If you can't get it to run in your browser, you need to install Adobe Flash Player 9 (MyToons updated it to the latest when they went HD!). I've also uploaded a copy of the MJ to my YouTube page if yer still havin' troubles. Enjoy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

MONSTERJAM: Part the First

Witness the fruits of monstrous labors. No more words.

Part the Last comes in one week. Prepare yourselves!

Blogger's Choice 1st place: Anuwat Vongtanee

The day has arrived, my fine freaky brethren. My next post will contain what you've all been waiting for, MONSTERJAM Part the First. Uploading to Channel Frederator's submission servers as I type this, I'll be sending it to the TAIS MyToon's page before afternoon's end. Be ready.

But first, our last prize must be awarded. That prize? P.A.X., one of the Monster Factory 'Monsternauts'. Monster Factory makes the greatest hand-crafted monster stuffies in the known universe, and they make 'em right here in Toronto. They're also proud sponsors of this TAIS event, so let's hear it for 'em! They're debuting new monsters at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition this weekend, so go get you one!

P.A.X. goes to Anuwat Vongtanee, who submitted this damn clever composite'll never hit your sink to do the dishes without flinching again. A great reveal, great effects and a terrific monster...all round goodness. Great work, Anuwat!

Thanks to all the animators far and wide who heard the call and took the time to create these amazing lil' monster films. As I said before, I'll be shouting your names far and wide on them there internets for all to see. Thanks to you, the TAIS MONSTERJAM was the crowing glory of the 2008 Animation Showcase. You, sirs and ladies, rock.

Now, don't go too far. Later this afternoon, the big show. Until then.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogger's Choice Hon. Mention: Jonathan Cheeseman

Today I want to give out a special 'Honorable Mention' prize for what I feel was the creepiest film in the'll see what I means.

The prize is a signed copy of Scott Chantler's excellent 'Northwest Passage' graphic novel. While not a monster story per se, it certainly details some monstrous human behavior when a fort in Rupert's Land is beset by French Privateers. It's a historically-based tale, but it's one heckuva knock-down drag-out adventure story too!

The winner is Jonathan Cheeseman. His creepy imagery, composite flames and spooky sound all come together into my personal pick as creepiest moment of the jam. Well done, sir! Looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

O.k., one prize left! Tomorrow I give out the first place TAIS BLogger's Choice prize, then you'll get to see the final product...or the first half, at any rate. It's the anijam so big, it comes in two parts. Part the First of the TAIS MONSTERJAM tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blogger's Choice Awards- 2nd place: Rafa Toro

I'm back with the next installment of the MONSTERJAM Blogger's Choice Awards. Oh, and you'll be happy to note that the export went smoothly last night, so you'll all be able to see the full part 1 of the jam when I upload it to MyToons this Friday!

Now, on to business. 2nd place prize is a copy of Kazu Kibuishi's awesome 'Amulet: Volume 1', signed with a sketch by the author.

The winner? Spain's Rafa Toro, a most excellent Flash character designer and animator who's been profiled on Drawn before. Here, he shows us in just ten seconds why animated potatoes and ancient Greek monsters don't mix. Great design and execution, and some great sound work too!

I'll be announcing my 'Honorable Mention' prize tomorrow, then we'll wrap up the week by announcing the 1st place winner, and seeing the 1st part of the full MONSTERJAM film! Woot! Meanwhile, stay frosty, people.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blogger's Choice Awards- 3rd place: Raphael Rosenwald

Greetings, my monstrous minions. I'm in the process of doing a final render of the MONSTERJAM part the first...I want it to look as sharp as possible before submitting it to Channel Frederator, so you'll have to wait a while longer. Meanwhile, I have four prizes to give out, the final awards for the MONSTERJAM...the TAIS Blogger's Choice Awards!

3rd place, a signed copy of Kean Soo's excellent Jellaby graphic novel (courtesy of our friends at The Beguiling, goes to Raphael Rosenwald, for his 10 seconds of stand-up that goes from bad to worse.

The audience lost it when this one came on...great audio, love the expressions on the club patron's faces, and a great, totally unexpected twist gag. Really great execution! I'll be sending out your prize just as soon as I can get yer address, Raphael...nice work! Tomorrow, 2nd place. Meanwhile, enjoy Raph's submission.

Monday, July 7, 2008

MONSTERJAM: Edits n' stuff

Sorry for the delay, folks...getting all them logos together. Plus, Christian Nelson's entry still won't work, dammit! Meanwhile, here's a teaser...Joseph Troy's entry. He's worked on My Friend Rabbit and Max n' Ruby, among others. Here, he takes a breather from bunnies and shows us who he thinks the real monster is. More to come...

Friday, July 4, 2008

TAIS Showcase 2008: Monster,

Find more artwork like this on Channel Frederator RAW

First off, apologies for not posting sooner, but the whole thang left me a lil' wore out. Trust me when I say this thang was huge we had to pull chairs in from the foyer (thanks to the NFB staffers!) to accomodate the extra folks wanting to see the show, and we still had to turn people away!

The TAIS Showcase 2008 Monster Edition was just that, monster. A huge crowd, special prizes (thanks to Monster Factory, they were a huge hit!), some incredible films, and then there's the MONSTERJAM, the piece de resistance of the night. 45 entries, an incredible 8+ minutes of animation from around the world. Special thanks to TAIS judges Patrick Jenkins and Jeff Baker for taking the time out to pick us some winners.

The prizes for the night went to:

Best Monster Category:

1st Prize Monster : Mateus Acioli & Naima Almeida from Brazil
2dn Prize Monster : Alex Novitsky form Toronto
3rd Prize Monster : Ceri Watling From UK

Best TAIS SHOWCASE 2008 Category :

1st Prize : Vladimir Kooperman from Toronto, Film: C- Block
2nd Prize : Elise Simard from Montreal, Film: The Occupant
3rd Prize : Marc Beurteaux from Toronto, Film: The Last Feast

Audience Award :

Best Monster : Mateus Acioli & Naima Almeida from Brazil
Best TAIS Showcase 2008 : Brian Sinasac from Toronto , Film : Headwinds

I'll be expounding on the virtues of our winners more come Monday, as well as picking my three fave monster films for the TAIS Blogger's Choice awards! As for the MONSTERJAM, I'll be submitting it to Frederator hopefully next week, but it's so huge, I'll be sending it in two parts...more on that later. Meanwhile, enjoy the photo slideshow of the event. Photos by our own Madi Piller and hosting courtesy of Fred Raw. Enjoy that there weekend!