Friday, July 17, 2009

Les Drew and Janet Perlman

Just wanted to end the week with a post of Les Drew's immortal 'Blue Safety Dog' in 'Every Dog's Guide to the Playground', which I discovered on YouTube in the process of searching out Janet Perlman's ChickenJam entry, viewable on her site. In the process of locating her site, I found out that she's got a new film! Produced at Acme Filmworks for client Liberty Mutal, it's titled 'Hot Seat'.

More to come.

Splashworks promo vid

Fer all y'all wondering what this pooch does for a day job (yeah, you 3 guys), here's a promo vid featuring screens and sample gameplay from some of our games. A lil' background; has been around since '96, and was formed by a trio of buddies fresh from the CD-Rom wars who wanted to make games where there was a lil' more attention paid to quality, and a lil' less paid to the bottom line (and abusing your Dilberted employees...go read 'Microserfs' or 'JPod', you'll get the picture). Worked on the animation and interfaces for quite a few of these, the most notable being the skateboarding and parkour games. And now, we'se branching into Iphone apps! Lotta fun, and it keeps me in pencils and pixels. Enjoy. Oh, and if you like what ya see, go play sumpin' all free, baby. Later!

Friday, July 10, 2009

ChickenJam Online!

If you've been by the TAIS main site, you've noticed that the full version of the ChickenJam was uploaded to the newly minted TAIS Youtube page (been using me own up to this point) and is ready to enjoy. Kudos to Tara and Madi for the edit, Bryce for the V.O., and our sponsors Line Boil, Nemu-Nemu and the NFB.

And extra special thanks to our filmmakers: Martin Sal, Alex Novitski, Ariel Villaverde, Camille Grandjean, Jesse Jind, Jonathan Amitay, John F. Weldon, Max Hall, Neil Lapointe (who?), Daniel Epton, David Pagurek van Mossel, Jeff Tran, Fabian Dores Pais, Greg Parker, Mike Constable, Adam Fitzgerald, Hector Borboa, Janet Perlman, Joseph Troy, Lisa Murzin & Cesar Forero, Lorenzo West, Matt Hartwell, Michael Jessen, Michael Tallon, Mike Funt, Charles Wilson, Olanrewaju Oluwafemi, Nick Fox-Gieg, Onno Knuvers, Peter Giesbrecht, John F. Weldon, Raphael Rosenwald, Jonathan Cheeseman, Robert Shedlowich, Susan Justin, Tammy Dubinsky, and Madi Piller.

Photos and other stuffs from the TAIS Showcase next week. Have the happy weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vegan Delights from Halifax!

Special event comin' up at CineCycle this Friday, a BBQ and screening of animated and partially-so works by Haligonian filmmaker Siloen Daley (that's part one of her film 'Olive Prepares' embedded above) and her circle o' film friends from Nova Scotia. More details follow. Friday looks to be a beaut, so get off yer ass!
Vegan Delights from Halifax, NS – BBQ, Screening and Discussion with SILOEN DALEY

Siloen Daley presents a program of animated and partially animated films made over the past ten years by herself and other Haligonian women filmmakers who were inspirational to her. Come check out what’s sure to be a fun event, complete with BBQ delights, at the infamous Cinecycle screening coach house! Featuring the works of Becka Barker, Amy Lockhart, Katherine Sheehan, Shelley Wallace, Helen Hill, Helen Bredin, Andrea Dorfman and, of course, Siloen Daley. Discussion with Siloen Daley follows screening.

Friday, July 10th
BBQ begins at 6:30 PM
Screening at 8:00 pm
at Cinecycle (in the old coach house down the lane behind 129 Spadina Ave., on the east side between Richmond St. W. and Adelaide St. W.)

**note: vegan and meat delights will be available at the BBQ

Friday, July 3, 2009

Patrick rides the 'Tubes

Just got an email from Patrick Jenkins, former TAIS head-honcho and all-round animated individual. He's got some choice cuts from some of his films up on his newly minted YouTube page, including the above clip from his award-winning film "Labyrinth". Go check 'em out. More on the ChickenJam next week! Oh, and Anonymous, if you want me to post yer chicken film, I'm gonna need to know who y'are! Just sayin' is all. More later.

**UPDATE**-man, gotta learn to read the WHOLE email. Seems there's a couple of interviews with Patrick up online...he's talkin' bout production of his films 'Labyrinth' and 'The Skateboarder'. Go. Watch. Learn. More to come!