Friday, August 17, 2007

OIAF events: Meet the Filmmakers

For TAIS members, this one's a no-brainer...a chance to sit down in a posh suite at the Novotel with a bagel and tea (or coffee, if that's yer thang) early the morning after a screening and have a chance to pose a few questions to the filmmakers. Animators Nathaniel Akin, Angela Steffen, Dan Sousa, J.J. Sedelmaier and Sam MacKinnon, amongst others, were nice enough to get theyselves up after a heavy night of kibitzing and drinks (not all were downin' the adult Sam even 18 yet?) and share their experiences in making their cartoons. Had a chance to chat with J.J. hisself last year, and yep, that's the dood behind the original Harvey Birdman and Cartoon Funhouse shorts. Damn funny guy, and damn smart as'd have to be. If yer a young upstart lookin' to make his first film, a new or experienced animator workin' on something or not, or just a film lover who wants to cordially pick the brains of some of the finest talents in the land (not being asskissy, Ottawa hosts some gooduns), then yer gonna wanna be there for this. Besides, Novotel gets them some good pastry.

I can tell you it'll be worth your while, without hesitation. What I can't tell you is who is gonna be there...not all the filmmaker's will be present, that goes without saying. But a lot of the guys and gals who are going to be there might have stuff still on the go or prior commitment or hangovers. Either way, show up, grab a coffee and a muffin and bring some good questions.

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