Friday, August 17, 2007

OIAF events: Television Animation Conference

O.k., not everyone is sassified with creating cool cartoons. We got some folks out there gots, whatchacallit...oh, yeah...'Ambition'. They want the whole ball o' wax...they want their own show, dammit! Or mebbe you've got biz smarts and want to be the one sellin' and buyin' toons.

If yer one of those people with gumption and a great idea, or if'n yer a biz genius who wants to get in on the production and sales side of animation, then you might want to consider the Televsion Animation Conference events as well as the regular festival stuff. TAC is where the biz takes place, where the dudes what buy and sell shows go to hawk their golden wares. There's plenny o' chances to network with bigwigs from Cartoon Network, Nikolodean, Nelvana, Cookie Jar, Disney, just to names a few. A buffet breakfast, river cruise on the Rideau (in the fall? Worthy)and the TAC lounge will give you a chance to bend the ears of the people what buys and sells for all the major networks and studios. And don't ferget the Animator's Picnic.

Just two caveats: One, these are biz folks...they loves animation, but their time is certainly money...don't be too let down if'n you don't get to talk to everyone you hoped to. Second, it ain't cheap; The TAC pass is $420 Canuck Bucks. Don't fret, though, it's money damn well spent! That'll get you:

• Breakfast at the Chateau Laurier on Sept. 19-20
• Access to all TAC panels and events
• Access to the TAC Boat Cruise
• Your bio & company profile in the TAC Delegate Guide
• Advance delegate list with contact information
• On-demand screenings of all festival entries
• Access to all OIAF screenings and workshops
• Access to the Animator's Picnic
• Access to all parties
• OIAF Program Book

If you've got a series pitch or want to break into the production/sales side of things, though, it's a worthy investment. Check out the OIAF site for the skinny on the TAC: just click the pic. Later!

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