Friday, August 10, 2007

Ottawa '07 official selections: Don Hertzfeldt

If Don Hertzfeldt has somethin' new ta see, it's a no-brainer that yer gonna be seein' it in Ottawa in the fall. Don's latest, "Everything will be OK", combines his trademark minimilistic stick-figger characters with some suprising and very evocative camera the juxtaposition of his artwork with these composite photos and film.

Don't worry, the above is just a trailer. He shot the whole thang on film, and if yer wonderin' where he got his stock, not to mention his animation paper, just check his acceptance speech at Platform 07, also included above. More on Monday, go have yerselves a weekend! Meanwhile, I gotta model a display case for my homie Jey and a couple of XBox Live icons for some buddies in Ohio. I'm out.

UPDATE!!! You'd figger I'd know to post this, but hey, it's been that kinda week. You can get 'Everything' on DVD at BitterFilms ( Go get it!

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Judy said...

You forgot the most important bit,
"Everything" is now on DVD: