Thursday, August 9, 2007

OIAF 'O7 Selections: Johnathan Hodgson

There's a line that first-year philosophy student know and quote...something about becoming the monsters you hunt, staring into abysses, that sorta fing. That's the creepy vibe infused in Johnathan Hodgson's 'Forest Murmurs', a rumination on his obsession with and fear of becoming a victim of the U.K.'s infamous Epping Forest, home to all sorts of shadowy shenanigans. This is just a short clip, don't want to ruin it for the fest goers among you.

For a bloke whose name I've heard manys a time in animation circles, it's awfully hard to track down info on the guy...doesn't even seem to have a website, really. Hmm...a mysterious animator traipsing round a dark English forest where dark secrets abound? Hopefully he'll be there in Ottawa, so I can get a few words with the man hisself. More later.

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