Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ottawa '07-Official Selections

Still stingin' from that there rejection letter, great bloody girl's blouse that I am, but gotta mention the fact that the OIAF '07 official selections list is up. They gots 2070 entries this year, mines included, and whittled that down to 97's I don't feels too bad. Just click on the whacky-ass poster to go to the list.

Just browsin' through, I see new shtuff from Rohitash Rao and Signe Baumane, representin' the New York crew, and Don Hertzfeld (he of the homicidal balloon fame). As well, we've got 'The Magic Projector' and Madi's "Vive le Film" in the Canadian Showcase. Still can't believe they didn't take "Toro Bravo".

Looks to be a groovy fest this year...yes, even though I'm not in it. Well, not in a screening sense...apparently, Madi's wrangled me a press pass, so, yeah, I've booked a room and will be bloggin' from the fest. Have to put that new camera to work. I'll see to it that I gets the good word from as many animators as I can corner, and in addition to posting stuff on that there YouTubes, I'll see if'n I can't pull together the footage and whip up a DVD for all you good TAIS members. Hey, anyone else from TAIS plannin' on goin', drop me a line and we'll hook up in Ottawa.

One last note: If'n y'all goes to the OIAF site and check out the cost of a pass, you'll notice that TAIS members get a discount. WOOT! Buy yerself them passes and I'll see ya up in Ottawa. Late.

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