Friday, August 3, 2007

TAIS Summer Workshops and more griping...

Yeesh, what a freakin' month. Burned out PC, tons of new projects, bills n' deadlines. Throw on crotch-rotting, teeth-grinding heat and humidity, and that was July in Toronto. August is shaping up to be the same...damn, I hates me the summer.

The only thing good about summer, if yer a TAIS member, indie filmmaker or wannabe animator, is the TAIS workshops, which I should have been promoting more on the blog. (apologies, but, OI! The month I've had.) Upcoming on the TAIS workshop roster:

Introduction to 3D MAYA
August 04
Limited to 6 people
Instructor: Charuvi Agrawal & Jeffrey Tran

Toon Boom 2d animation software basics
August 18 from 10am-5pm
Limited to: 6 people
Instructor : Wendy Parkin

Madi managed to snag a new projector for this weekends Maya workshop, so we're goin' equipped on this one. Oh, don't ferget, all youse board members, we meet next week on Thursday or Friday night. I'll email Madi to confirm. Meanwhile, here's some lovely rotoscope-a-mated goodness. Later!

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