Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday, so here's some bunnies...

Went a wanderin' to see how many bunny films from last nights TAIS summer showcase have shown up online. I manage to scare 4 out of the rabbit hole that is the interwebs. So here's some hoppy goodness to get yer weekend started right. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

TAIS showcase 2011 and BunnyJam films

Cookies And Bunny from Onno Knuvers on Vimeo.

Got the list of films in the Showcase and our Bunny themed anijam, hot off the presses from Madi. You can watch one of the entries above, courtesy of animator Onno Knuvers. Naturally, been busy with the work, so didn't have time to animate a bunny film (Noooooo!) but I am tracking down some fine lapidary prizing from some fine local bunnyectic technomologists. Here's the list of programmed films and Bunnyjam participants!

Program animated shorts TAIS SHOWCASE 2011

1. How to get the girl – Anshyn Anstee - Vancouver
2. Amourette – Maja Gehrig - Switzerland
3. Ooh La La – Sharon Katz - Ottawa
4. Black Moon – Brandon Blommaert - Calgary
5. Counting Sheeps - Neely Goniodsky - Montreal
6. Tara's Dream- Patrick Jenkins - Toronto
7. Wolves – Rafael Sommerhalder - Switzerland
8. Hick-Ups – Pascaline J. Knight - Montreal
9. The Manifesto Edition – Rune & Erik Eriksson - Norway
10. Sorry Film Not ready _ Janet Perlman - Montreal
11. Freud, Fish and the Butterfly – Haiyang Wang - China
12. Fitting in - Taylor Annisette - Mississauga
13. Paso Doble – Jamie Metzger - Waterloo
14. Fester Goes Fishing – Aaron Long - Toronto
15. Comin' Round – Barbara Whitmer - Toronto
16. The socking truth – Lisa Leung - Toronto
17. URS - Moritz Mayerhofer - Germany
18. Something left, Something Taken – Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata - US

1. The Machine Wolf-Chris Juraschka - Waterdown
2. Courious Lights- Kate Wilson – Toronto

Bunny Jam participants

1. Americo Gomes
2. Ariel Villaverde
3. Bryce Hallett & Emma Lander
4. Cathy Kuo
5. Claire Bennett
6. Dalton Sharp
7. Dimitri Tcherbadji
8. Evan Maruszewski
9. Jerry Fuchs
10. John Creson & Adam Rosen
11. John Weldon
12. Jonathan Cheeseman & Charles Wilson
13. Joseph Troy
14. Joshua Robertson
15. Judith Van Der Made
16. Kayliegh Tresson
17. Kohila & Santhya Kurunathan
18. Larry Barriere
19. Lynn Wilton
20. Madi Piller
21. Mac MacCord
22. Michael Darmanin
23. Mike Weiss
24. Monica Gutierrez
25. Nick Cross
26. Nick Fox-Gieg
27. Onno Knuvers
28. Eurico da Costa Ng
29. Raphael Rosenwald
30. Richard Reeves
31. Vince Vaitiekunas

Quite a lineup! Screening happens June 23, 2011 at 7:30pm at Innis Town Hall (University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Avenue). Big comfy theatre with great seats, a great screen and great A/C. Hope to see you thar!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life in the Analog Age: Hearing Test

Ah, the thoroughly entertaining paranoia of lil' kids. A lil' nostalgia from Gabe Swarr. More orange and blue reminisces to be found on his site. Late!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DRIFT: The Elements

Sweet Joosy Jebus, it's been awhile! More on what happened to the blog later, meanwhile Madi wanted me to post this toute suite. Check it!

Call for applications to:
The Toronto Animated Image Society and Art For Commuters
DRIFT: The Elements
Deadline Submissions:
June 24, 2011

The Toronto Animated Image Society is seeking proposals for a commissioned project.

DRIFT: The Elements takes for its theme the essential elements of life: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water; elements that can give or take LIFE.
Artists are invited to explore their own personal interpretation of these fundamental elements with a focus on abstraction and experimentation.
Each successful applicant will produce a one to three minute animation exploring this theme.
Projects will be completed between July and September 2011.
TAIS will offer support for the development and production process of the projects.
Selected participants will be expected to attend
a workshop prior to receiving access to equipment.
Works will be screened on October 1, 2011 for 12 straight hours overnight at Nuit Blanche 2011 on the Onestop Network of 300 television screens in the Toronto Transit Commission Subway System.
DRIFT: The Elements will dominate the underground tunnels, bringing art to over one million commuters, without interruption from the news and advertisements that usually populate the screens.
The works will also be hosted on the website.

Selected artists will receive:
· TAIS Full Studio Membership – including equipment access worth $150 each
· $400 cash honorarium
· Mentoring & support from an experienced instructor
Each application must include:
· Project description – 200 to 300 words
· CV, resume, or brief bio
· Samples of recent work (i.e., CD or DVD for time-based artists; maximum of 10 images on CD for visual artists)
· A self-addressed, stamped envelope. Submissions without a SASE will not be returned.

Selected artists will be announced on June 30, 2011

Contact and mailing address for submissions:
TAIS Programming Committee
Toronto Animated Image Society
60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 102
Toronto. Ontario, M6K 1X9
Email: <>
Phone: 416-533-7889