Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A brief, possibly inflammatory interlude...

A lil' toon about the promulgation of ignorance in popular culture due to the promotion of less than healthy ideals by the African American entertainment community. Oh, and fer Zenu's zake, turn yer damn speaker's off and put in some headphones before you listen to this...it's funny, but it'll scrape paint off the Pope's hat.

Get past the N word and the copious use of 'Motherfu**er' (asterixes by request) and you'll see that this message is universal...Turn off the TV, pick up a book once in awhile, take responsibility for your actions. EVERYBODY, not just black folks. And acting like an ignorant twit isn't cool, no matter what jackass you see doin' it on teh tellyvisions. And that goes for Black jackasses, British jackasses, Japanese jackasses, French-Canadian jackasses, White American jackasses...pretty much covers the whole jackass spectrum, rilly. Seems pretty simple, but of course, this has been labeled a 'racist cartoon' because it targets one particular ethnic groups failings. I loves me some rap, but yeah, the whole thugs n' ho's thing is gettin' damn old, people...about as old as the big hair and groupie girls got at the end of the Hair Rock thang, back in the day.

Fear not, ye offended...dumb an ignorant come in all colors, all creeds, all shapes, all sizes...just look at Iraq! (damn, political!) Seriously, take a gander and give me your feedback...do you see the underlying parody here? Does it offend the heck outta you, irregardless of your race? Or is it just a damn silly song? Sound off, people!

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