Thursday, May 24, 2007

TAIS news update!

Just a quick shout to letcha know about stuff goin' on at TAIS. The Anijam deadline was up on May 15th, so I'm gonna assume everyone who shot us a submission form is busy cookin' up their 10 seconds of animated goodness. 'Member, we need them films by June 10th! Lookin' forward to seein' 'em, and I'll post a final list of the Anijam filmmakers here a few weeks before the screening.

Speakin' of which, the deadline for the TAIS Showcase 2007 has been extended to June 8th! If ya got a film you've finished in the last two years and ya wanna show it off, send your submission (brief film synopsis, bio and contact info)+ 5 bucks for business-type processing fees (dirt cheap, c'mon!) to:

Attention: TAIS Showcase 2007
60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 102
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
M6K 1X9

If ya need more info, or if you've got questions/concerns, shoot Madi an e-mail at

Finally, if ya wanna get them skills, you need to check out our workshops. Madi and company have worked their collective heineys off to put these together, and it's quite a lineup. Sign up now for mad animation skillz!

New Animation Workshops for Independent Artists
Register at : or call (416) 533-7889
All workshops are at TAIS location
60 Atlantic Avenue Suite 102 , Toronto
Cost : $50 Non-members/ $30 members
(all materials included)
Time : 10am-6pm

Story Board
June 02, 2007
Limited to 10 people
Instructor : Ruth Tait

Stop Motion Workshop
June 16, 2007
Limited to: 10 people
Instructor: Marc Beurteaux

Toon Boom 2d animation software basics
June 07, 2007
Limited to 6 people
Instructor : Bryce Hallet

Introduction to 3D animation
July 07, 2007
Limited to 6 people
Instructor: Ksenia Benifand

Character Design
July 21, 2007
Limited to : 10 people
Instructor: Brian Montenegro & Allan Swerling

Cameraless Animation
July 28 , 2007
Limited to 8 people
Instructor: Madi Piller

Oh, one quick extra note...the fine folks at Max the Mutt are having a Free lecture on 'Interesting Uses and Functions of Asian Animation', courtesy of one Dr. John A. Lent. Sounds crypticalicious. Check 'em out, here's a link:


Screening, workshops, the Showcase...damn, it's gonna be a crazy summer, doods! See ya!

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