Monday, May 7, 2007

TAIS events and Anijam update

Heyyo! Quick post with a few updates. Madi assures me that Anijam submissions are rollin' in, but nonetheless we thought it a good idea to extend the deadline so those people far-removed from Toronto could get their films in. Currently, the form submission deadline is now May 15th, and film submission deadline is June 10th. Remember, you can e-mail your forms to, and you can FTP your films to us if ya wanna! (, for those of you without web hosts)

Events! We've got a general meeting for all board members this comin' Friday, May 11th. Topics on the table will be the upcoming Best of Ottawa show, the Summer Showcase in June, and this year's slate of screenings and workshops. I'll also get the skinny on how many people are or have submitted films to the anijam, and where they hail from. Info on that Best of Ottawa screening:

Best of Ottawa Screening
When: May 17th, 2007, 7 pm
Where: Innis College. 2 Sussex Ave., Toronto
General admission -$10, Students - $8, TAIS members - $5

It's a great venue and it promises to be a great show...come on out, dammit! Tomorrow's post: the wonder and the glory that was Free Comics Day 2007 at the Beguiling. Later!

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