Thursday, May 3, 2007

Romain Redux: Tim Tom

I like Bip Bip so damn much, thought I'd dig up some earlier work. Here's Romain's grad film, from 2002...obviously, he loves two syllable titles. He also loves clever filmwork, classic film pacing, and he's got a damn fine ear for a tune! He teamed up with fellow french-person Christel Pougeoise at the now-legendary SupInfoCom animation school to belt out this great character comedy piece. I love all the nods to old-school cinema and animation, but the fact that the film manages to reference the past without being slave to it makes it great stuff all 'round. Pay particular close attention to the very stop-motion inspired character Jerry Beck's blog, Christel points to Michael DuDok De Wit and Jan Svankmayer as shows.

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