Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pirates is my Friends

I woulda sketched a cat, but that woulda missed the gag...LOLcats must be based on a cheeze-ass photo of a kitty with a block-font caption. I know, I looked it up on teh internets. Cuz I'm 733t. Yah.

Anyhoo, updates about the Bunnies of Guns. Paid a visit to the fine folks at Pirate Radio and TV (www.pirate.ca) and spent some time in the boof with Drew Frohmann, gadfly and man-about-town. He walked me through the whole recording process, along with the sound-board guru (Yes, in typical T-Dog fashion, I ferget the dude's name, but his skills are the shit. He'll be doing the final mix, in Dolby 5.1 no less, so I'll be sure to have his name tattooed on the inside of me eyelids by then.) The whole recording process took 3 1/2 hours and over sixty takes for around 2 minutes of dialogue...turns out Drew (who'll be playin' the voice of Deg, the 'tech bunny') is just as much of a picky bastard as I am.

Anyhoo, I crashed this weekend...honest ta god, I was gonna do SUMTHIN', but, hey, there was Half-Life 2 that needed playin'. Seriously, I was completely shagged out. So the plan is to plug in the new audio this weekend, adjust the head poses and timing on the 'power rangers' scenes, in which there's no visible mouth but the head must act, then do the lipsync stuff in the final 'simpod' scenes. I'll leave the small lil' changes (some color updates, a few more clouds here, less elsewhere) 'til the beginning of the month.

To top it all off, two of the sound slingers at Pirate are vying to do me music! Already got one sample from 'em, and I just know this is gonna be one heckuva tough call. Geez, the attention could go to me head, but then I look in the mirror and come plummeting back to earth...I hear tell Peter Jackson uses the same trick to avoid a swelled head. Anyhoo, Drew has promised more audio goodness later this week.

Dunno yet if'n I'll make the Ottawa deadline...the cost of being good means the Pirate dudes have a lot on their plates. Way I figger it, it's cool if I don't...sooner have a totally polished film done first and worry about the 'fests later. And that is yer GUNBunny update!

Quick note: The engineer's nom de plume is Spencer Hall...I now know this, cuz Drew told me.

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