Friday, May 11, 2007

Christy Karacas: Superjail

Aaron Simpson, head spline spanker over at Cold Hard Flash, has been so kind as to toss up a banner ad on the CHF sidebar advertising the TAIS anijam. So, to thank him, I'm gonna post about sumpin' he already done posted about. S'least I can do, rully.

Actually, can't help but post about this one, a sneak-peak of a pilot being pitched to Cartoon Network about a high-tech penitentiary and it's inhabitants. A fairly cool concept made cooler by the king of grunge-a-mation, Christy Karacas. Not familiar with his fine work? Get yerself to Youtube (after watching this sneak-peek, of course) and do a search for Spacewar and won't be dissapointed. Better yet, head on over to Amazon and by yerself a copy of Avoid Eye Contact 2. Meanwhile, enjoy the con-carnage.

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