Monday, May 14, 2007

TAIS meeting nooze!

O.k., general meeting done been, and I've got the news. First off, congrats to Craig Marshall, fer gettin' his shtuff on Bravo and CityTV (aired over the weekend) and to Marc Beurteaux (pronounced byertoe, fer you people what's been mangling his name fer years) for his Best Art Direction win at the Chicago Short Film Festival. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to FIND any of Craig's stuff up on Youtube, and even it there was anything up, it's buried in a mire of anime-fan films made by doods with a robot fetish or worse, an obsession with the female characters from Sonic the Hedgehog. That would be eww. Ah, the saying's a free service, and ya get what ya pay for. Took me 10 minutes, but I finally did dig up Marc's film, at least...enjoy.

Anijam news: Including Marc, we've got 7 entries into the anijam, a respectable number, but the deadline for form submission is midnight tomorrow. If yer sittin' on the fence, just check out Marc's film and see what good company your film will be in, and send us 10 seconds. Once we've gotten the film submissions, I'll post a filmmaker list with links. Speakin' o' which, Marc's site,, is now in the Links of Doom.

Incubator news: To dispel the confusion about the Incubators, our open-house nights at TAIS, I've been put in charge of 'em. I'll skip the self-depricatin' and get right to the nitty-gritty. There gonna be every two months, and they'll be announced on the TAIS blog and main site 3 weeks in advance, with a reminder a week before the night. I'm gonna schedule 'em around TAIS events and holidays, and if you wanna be there, you'll have to RSVP with an e-mail or a phone call, so I know how many people are showin' up! I'll have a schedule of Incubators for the rest of 2007 up later this week.

Event news: Don't forget, we've got the Best of Ottawa this week on Thursday and the TAIS showcase screening next month on the 27th. If you've got a short animated film you've wrapped up in the last two years, toss us a note with a bio, film synopsis, and contact info to:

60 Atlantic Ave., Suite 102
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
M6K 1X9

Films have to be 15 minutes or less. Deadline is June 1st, people! I'm gonna be sending Madi my relevant data this week.

Speakin' o' which, I gotta get my ass over to Pirate Radio n' TV...we're recording final V.O.'s tanight. More news later this week. Cheers!

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