Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Time Out: Animatic to Animation

Hey! Sorry for the lack of posts...crazy busy at home and work, so time's at a premium. Did manage to throw a lil' example together for ya of Flash as a pre-viz tool. I'm not the greatest boarder in the world, so when I first started my short, I thought the best thing to do would be to animate a quick n' sloppy animatic in Flash MX. That 'quick and sloppy' animatic took the better part of a year to finish, as I figured out various actions sequences and interactions. An example of this 'Flashamatic' appears above. I also added scratch sound FX and v.o. (yep, that's my dulcet tones) to act as a guide to whoever I was gonna get to do it the right way.

Flash-forward (pun intended) about a year and a half, and the animation is almost complete...the same sequence with near-finished animation (still have to do a bit more refining of the robot in the 'where are my guns scene)and a rough score courtesy of Pirate Radio & TV's own Tim Poitras. As you can see, pre-viz in Flash allowed me to suss out the pacing and shot angles and I think communicates the overall flow and action of the film much better than a straight board animatic. 'Course, that's just me opinion. Let me know what y'all think. Meanwhile, I'll keep an ear to da ground for upcoming events in the TAIS world. Don't forget to sign up for those workshops!

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