Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lee Rubenstein...Love & Pacemakers online!

Hey! Sorry for the lack of posts...caught me that plague what's been goin' round. Anyhoo, just got an e-mail from Lee Rubenstein. Told you about his new film, 'Love & Pacemakers', which screened in New York last month. Well, he's been kind enough to toss a version up online for our viewing pleasure! Sorry for the lack of an embed, but you can see his other toony goodness on his site, so it's all good. Go here:

While yer there, you'll notice that the Frederator anijam, 'FredEx: The Secret Life of Robots' made it into Platform this year. Lee animated the one called 'Pregnancy''s funny, obscene and violent, all at the same time...trifecta. His great lil' short 'Fred and Earl' is also available to view. Enjoy!

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Lee Rubenstein said...

thanks for all the love! (& pacemakers... sorry bad pun)

Although I'm going to make a correction, my contribution to FredEx was the segment called "Fashion" as well as serving as producer/supervising director.

If anyone is going to platform, let me know, we will party!