Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blogger's Choice Awards- 2nd place: Rafa Toro

I'm back with the next installment of the MONSTERJAM Blogger's Choice Awards. Oh, and you'll be happy to note that the export went smoothly last night, so you'll all be able to see the full part 1 of the jam when I upload it to MyToons this Friday!

Now, on to business. 2nd place prize is a copy of Kazu Kibuishi's awesome 'Amulet: Volume 1', signed with a sketch by the author.

The winner? Spain's Rafa Toro, a most excellent Flash character designer and animator who's been profiled on Drawn before. Here, he shows us in just ten seconds why animated potatoes and ancient Greek monsters don't mix. Great design and execution, and some great sound work too!

I'll be announcing my 'Honorable Mention' prize tomorrow, then we'll wrap up the week by announcing the 1st place winner, and seeing the 1st part of the full MONSTERJAM film! Woot! Meanwhile, stay frosty, people.

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