Thursday, July 31, 2008

MONSTERJAM: Part the Last.

Greetings, my monstrous minions. This one thanks you for your patience; would that I could say with an honest heart that matters of great import prevented my promised delivery of this two weeks ago, but, alas, 'twas more the matter of the weather than of work.

Recriminations aside, I have promised and I have (finally) delivered. The completing half of our monstrous whole lies above for your delectation. And for those who prefer YouTube, it lies below.

Special thanks to one and all, the TAIS board, the animators, NFB staff, Monster Factory, The Beguiling, and everyone else who had a hand in making this a truly monumental event in TAIS history.

A special note: MyToons currently has the film featured on the main page, and I have it on good authority that Channel Frederator will be programming the films into episodes coming very soon. Thanks, thanks, a thousand times thanks once again to our terrific, gentlemen and ladies, as they say in the vernacular, rock.

I'll leave you on this note: what will we do for an encore in the New Year? The mind fairly boggles. Good morrow, one and all...may your pencils never dull.


Jerry Fuchs said...

It was great to be a part of this animation jam.
Is that a poster of the Monsterjam on the blog?
How could I get a copy of it?

Joseph said...

Awesome!!! It's great to see the Monster Shorts again. Thank you so much to all the TAIS people for putting on such a great competition and fantastic screening. Mike Geiger one of the contestants recently posted his VERY adult humored short Cuddlesticks which is a monster onto itself, check it out at: