Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blogger's Choice Awards- 3rd place: Raphael Rosenwald

Greetings, my monstrous minions. I'm in the process of doing a final render of the MONSTERJAM part the first...I want it to look as sharp as possible before submitting it to Channel Frederator, so you'll have to wait a while longer. Meanwhile, I have four prizes to give out, the final awards for the MONSTERJAM...the TAIS Blogger's Choice Awards!

3rd place, a signed copy of Kean Soo's excellent Jellaby graphic novel (courtesy of our friends at The Beguiling, goes to Raphael Rosenwald, for his 10 seconds of stand-up that goes from bad to worse.

The audience lost it when this one came on...great audio, love the expressions on the club patron's faces, and a great, totally unexpected twist gag. Really great execution! I'll be sending out your prize just as soon as I can get yer address, Raphael...nice work! Tomorrow, 2nd place. Meanwhile, enjoy Raph's submission.

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