Friday, July 4, 2008

TAIS Showcase 2008: Monster,

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First off, apologies for not posting sooner, but the whole thang left me a lil' wore out. Trust me when I say this thang was huge we had to pull chairs in from the foyer (thanks to the NFB staffers!) to accomodate the extra folks wanting to see the show, and we still had to turn people away!

The TAIS Showcase 2008 Monster Edition was just that, monster. A huge crowd, special prizes (thanks to Monster Factory, they were a huge hit!), some incredible films, and then there's the MONSTERJAM, the piece de resistance of the night. 45 entries, an incredible 8+ minutes of animation from around the world. Special thanks to TAIS judges Patrick Jenkins and Jeff Baker for taking the time out to pick us some winners.

The prizes for the night went to:

Best Monster Category:

1st Prize Monster : Mateus Acioli & Naima Almeida from Brazil
2dn Prize Monster : Alex Novitsky form Toronto
3rd Prize Monster : Ceri Watling From UK

Best TAIS SHOWCASE 2008 Category :

1st Prize : Vladimir Kooperman from Toronto, Film: C- Block
2nd Prize : Elise Simard from Montreal, Film: The Occupant
3rd Prize : Marc Beurteaux from Toronto, Film: The Last Feast

Audience Award :

Best Monster : Mateus Acioli & Naima Almeida from Brazil
Best TAIS Showcase 2008 : Brian Sinasac from Toronto , Film : Headwinds

I'll be expounding on the virtues of our winners more come Monday, as well as picking my three fave monster films for the TAIS Blogger's Choice awards! As for the MONSTERJAM, I'll be submitting it to Frederator hopefully next week, but it's so huge, I'll be sending it in two parts...more on that later. Meanwhile, enjoy the photo slideshow of the event. Photos by our own Madi Piller and hosting courtesy of Fred Raw. Enjoy that there weekend!


Woolly Monster said...

The showcase looks like it was a fantastic night. Can't wait to see the entire MONSTERJAM when it gets posted on the web. Looking forward to getting my monster in the post too :)

Ceri Watling (creator of the third best monster apparently, thankyou judges!)

Raff said...

The whole thing was fun, I wish these happened more often.

I've since done a few fixes on my piece, especially the backgrounds: