Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogger's Choice Hon. Mention: Jonathan Cheeseman

Today I want to give out a special 'Honorable Mention' prize for what I feel was the creepiest film in the'll see what I means.

The prize is a signed copy of Scott Chantler's excellent 'Northwest Passage' graphic novel. While not a monster story per se, it certainly details some monstrous human behavior when a fort in Rupert's Land is beset by French Privateers. It's a historically-based tale, but it's one heckuva knock-down drag-out adventure story too!

The winner is Jonathan Cheeseman. His creepy imagery, composite flames and spooky sound all come together into my personal pick as creepiest moment of the jam. Well done, sir! Looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

O.k., one prize left! Tomorrow I give out the first place TAIS BLogger's Choice prize, then you'll get to see the final product...or the first half, at any rate. It's the anijam so big, it comes in two parts. Part the First of the TAIS MONSTERJAM tomorrow.

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