Friday, July 18, 2008

Stefan G. Bucher

Sorry, my loyal yet lascivious lovers of monster mayhem...MONSTERJAM: Part the Second will have to wait 'til the coming of the next week. Many apologies. You'll be happy to note, however, that Part the First is currently the 2nd featured animation on the MyToons main page. Thanks to my monstrous minions for making such marvelous motions. More to come.

In the meantime, gaze in awe at the fine works of master monster maker Stefan G. Bucher, and while you're at it, go purchase his fine yet fuzzy tome "100 Days of Monsters". A book and a DVD for a mere twenty...bargain, says I. Go, enjoy, and stay cool. Special thanks to MyToons for their support and for the excellent article on Mr. Bucher. Cheers!

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Blue said...


Isn't he the greatest??