Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cintiq 12wx-Gate...the followup

Apologies to all for not posting over the holidays...being down with the sickness ain't exactly conducive to finding animation goodies on the interwebs. However, Mark Dowsett over there at Vibe Computing was kind enough to keep me posted about the price problems with the 12wx, Wacom's drool-worthy new artist toy. Seems Mark did some back and forthing with Wacom and managed to get the price down to $1179 canuck's still almost $200 over Wacom's suggested retail, but ya gotta remember that the retailers can't keep a load of these in stock...they're not gonna move like Ipods, after all. Plus, Vibe offers a demo program for y'all who want to kick the tires before drivin' this beauty off the lot.

I'd also like to point out that both Mark and the doods from Silicon Cowboys got back to me with prompt replies and emails...still waitin' on Vistek. So if you've got the dosh and wanna be flash-a-matin' like a crazy maniac, go get yerself one. Me, I gotta waits for the birthday. C'mon, April! And thanks once again to Mark Dowsett of Vibe Computing for the feedback and candor.


jeff hasulo said...

I'm thinkin' I'm gonna get me one!
Thanks for the info Neil!

TempleDog said...

Hey, Jeff! Nice to hear from you...lemme know how the schooling goes. Yep, the Cintiq's are certainly cool, and I'll probably be picking one up in either April or the fall. Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye on the price situation, and also who's got the best-service shop for pickin' up a Cintiq.