Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TAIS event: Martine Chartrand

This year's gonna be chock-ablock with some amazing screenings and workshops at TAIS, and we're starting the year with a of NFB Montreal's finest animators is going be here in Toronto to give us a glimpse into one of the toughest, most beautiful styles of animation there be: paint on glass.


Paint on glass animation

Join us for an exclusive workshop with acclaimed Montreal NFB animation artist Martine Chartrand.
Martine trained in Russia with Alexander Petrov in order to master the difficult technique of paint-on-glass animation. She will be sharing her animation techniques and guide a group of artists through the process of paint-on-glass animation during the TAIS/NFB workshop.

Saturday March 01 from 6-9pm and Sunday March 02 from 10-5pm
Location : NFB Mediatheque 150 John Street, Toronto
TAIS and NFB members: $35
Non Members: $50
Enrollment is limited to 25 people – 2 day workshop.
Ref.: Martine Chartrand Workshop


Here's a doc I found on the YouTube with Martine talking about her Jedi skills with paint and glass. Warning, it's in Quebecois, so this'll be a bit of a french lesson as well...bonus! Courtesy of Lien Multimedia.

More on Martine tomorrow. Meantime, go sign up for the workshop! And I'll have another big surprise for y'all early next week. Cheers!

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