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TAIS events: January update!

Just got the latest TAIS newsness down the pipe, courtesy of Madi. Heads up!

Toronto Animated Image Society

1) Events:
1.1- When Comix and Journalism Collide
1.2-Allyson Mitchell Installation.
2) Workshops:
2.1-Stop Motion Animation – Puppet Building
3) Job Posting:
3.1- Independent Media Arts Alliance Ontario (IMAA ON):Event Coordinator
3.2- Animation Teachers: Work in China
1) Events:

1.1 When Comix and Journalism Collide

Journalistic graphic novel portrays the dirty business of global
resource extraction in the 21st century.
Cumulus Press recently released a new title EXTRACTION! Comix Reportage.
This ‘graphic novel’ started with four journalistic stories (by PetrCizek, Dawn Paley, Sophie Toupin and Tamara Herman) about the mining industry. These stories were scripted then handed over to four commix artists (Ruth Tait, Phil Angers, Stanley Wany, and 2007 Doug Wright Award winner, Joe Ollmann) to create a multi-styled comic book about mining that, according to Joe Sacco, “is the perfect idea for a graphic treatment.”

TORONTO Tuesday, January 29, 2008
COMIX JAM The Cameron House, 408 Queen Street West
LAUNCH 8:00 p.m. info: 416-703-0811

1.2-Allyson Mitchell
Hungry Purse

An installation by Allyson Mitchell
Hungry Purse: the vagina dentata in late capitalism (2006-07) is a labour intensive, room-sized installation that plays with colour and design, consumption and sexuality. Its fundamental concept, vagina dentata, represents some of our most profound individual and collective fears. From floor to ceiling this installation will at once comfort and cocoon, with large pink pillows and soft carpeting, while at the same time create feelings of unease as visitors confront fears of claustrophobia, mortality and voracious appetites.

Now to March 16, 2008
Textile Museum of Canada

55 Centre Avenue (St. Patrick subway)
Toronto, ON M5G 2H5
t. 416-599-5321
f. 416-599-2911 <>

2) Workshops:
2.1-Stop Motion Animation – Puppet Building
Saturday : February 02 , 2008
10 – 5 PM
A basic course teaching how to build your own stop-motion animation puppet. From simple wire armature techniques to exploring more advance armatures and how they are built.
Ideas about design and function as well as practicality of materials and techniques will be covered in detail, sharing knowledge from the instructor’s personal animation industry and independent filmmaking experience.
All materials included.
Instructor : Mike Weiss

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Mike studied Classical Animation at Oakville's Sheridan College. In the fall of his graduating year, he performed at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in the scratch-on-film troupe, 'Scratch Track'. Since then Mike has worked on and helped initiate several short films, music videos, and television programs utilizing a variety of animation techniques, though he most enjoys working in the tangible 3 dimensions of stop-motion. In 2005 he worked on the animated short, "Ray Harryhausen Presents: The Pit and the Pendulum", for which he was tickled to receive praise from the legend himself.

Mike's own stop-motion animated short film, "Inheritance" has been screened in festivals throughout North America and Europe, including its debut at the Ottawa International Animation Festival and its inclusion in the animation industry publication Stash magazine. He is currently working on his follow-up film with the National Film Board.

Cost : $ 50 Non-Members
$ 35 Members
Enrollment is Limited to 8

Enroll NOW ! : e-mail:
Subject: Workshops



3) Jobs:

3.1- Independent Media Arts Alliance Ontario (IMAA ON)

Event Coordinator
3 month part time contract position
Independent Media Arts Alliance Ontario (IMAA ON)
Location- Toronto
IMAA Ontario is an informal arts service organization dedicated to the advancement of the independent media arts in Ontario. IMAA Ontario is hiring an Event Coordinator to organize a one day summit to be held in early April. In coordination with the organizing committees, the ideal candidate will have a minimum two years experience and knowledge of Ontario’s media arts environment.
Duties will be:
_ Extend invitations to all Ontario media artists, delegates, arts administrators, educators, arts officers and politicians;
_ Arrange travel and accommodation for delegates
_ Secure event venues and sponsorships
_ Coordinate reception, think-tank and event;
_ Create promotional materials and press releases and webpage;
_ Maintain records and book keeping
_ Coordinate day's events; write final report.

The candidate must be well organized, self directed, flexible and able to work from home under the general direction of the Event committees. Staring February 1, 2008.

DEADLINE: January 15, 2008
Info: <>

2.2- Animation Teachers : Work In China

See <> under classified

Toronto Animated Image Society
60 Atlantic Avenue, suite 102
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 1X9

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