Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TAIS news update!

I'm gonna have to come up with a flash-a-mated nooze flash thing for the TAIS updates, cuz we've gots a lot of 'em lately. Recently, we had a general meeting outlining our fiendish plans for the coming year, and we've got some crazy-ass surprises to spring on y'all in the coming weeks. We'll start the ball rolling with the following...enjoy! (By the way, apologies to Ruth for not posting about the Comic Jam event which happened last night...just got the mailer too late, curse my slow android body!)

Toronto Animated Image Society

1) Events:
1.1- When Comix and Journalism Collide
2) Workshops:
2.1-Paint on glass animation with Martine Chartrand
3) Job Posting:
3.1- Looking for animator
3.2- Looking for illustrator/animator
3.3- Animation Teachers: Work in China
4) Animation Festivals : Submissions

1) Events:

1.1 When Comix and Journalism Collide

Journalistic graphic novel portrays the dirty business of global
resource extraction in the 21st century.
Cumulus Press recently released a new title EXTRACTION! Comix Reportage.
This ‘graphic novel’ started with four journalistic stories (by Petr
Cizek, Dawn Paley, Sophie Toupin and Tamara Herman) about the mining industry. These stories were scripted then handed over to four commix artists (Ruth Tait, Phil Angers, Stanley Wany, and 2007 Doug Wright Award winner, Joe Ollmann) to create a multi-styled comic book about mining that, according to Joe Sacco, “is the perfect idea for a graphic treatment.”

TORONTO Tuesday, January 29, 2008 TONIGHT !
COMIX JAM The Cameron House, 408 Queen Street West
LAUNCH 8:00 p.m. info: 416-703-0811

2) Workshops:

2.1-Paint on glass animation
Join us for an exclusive workshop with acclaimed Montreal NFB animation artist Martine Chartrand.
Martine trained in Russia with Alexander Petrov in order to master the difficult technique of paint-on-glass animation. She will be sharing her animation techniques and guide a group of artists through the process of paint-on-glass animation during the TAIS/NFB workshop.

Saturday March 01 from 6-9pm and Sunday March 02 from 10-5pm
Location : NFB Mediatheque 150 John Street, Toronto
TAIS and NFB members: $35
Non Members: $50
Enrollment is limited to 25 people – 2 day workshop.
Ref.: Martine Chartrand Workshop

3) Jobs:

3.1 Looking for animator
I'm looking for an animator who can hand draw some transition sequences for a documentary. They can be rotoscoped from a QuickTime movie but must have a playful hand drawn feel to them. All sequences add up to about 15 to 20 seconds worth of animation. Fee to be negotiated.
Contact : Jeff Sterne
Producer/ Symmetree Media

3.2 Looking for Illustrator/animator

we are looking for a hungry young illustrator/animator for a low budget bravofact funded short which will go to the world wide short film festival and other film festivals. it's supposed drawings by a talented 8-10 year old and several several illustrations will be used to bridge the gap between live action and fluid animation. the artist will will be allowed to bring their interpretations to some of the 'animated' sequences.
Contact :

3.3- Animation Teachers : Work In China
See <http://www.tais.c
Linka/> under classified

4) Animation Festivals: Call for Submissions

Hiroshima Animation Festival – Japan
Animamundi – Brazil
Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival

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