Friday, September 28, 2007

OIAF '07: Signe Baumane

Tried to get one of Signe's 'Teat Beat of Sex' shorts for this post...she had a bunch of 'em to show in Ottawa, and they're due out on DVD in October. Have to get a copy for the TAIS library. Meanwhile, here's Signe being, well, Signe. An animated interpretation of a Borges poem in typical sweet, sexy style of Signe. I'll try to post Signe's Q & A session from OIAF '07 next week. Cheers!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

OIAF '07 notes: Aachi & Ssipak

Back agin' with a few words on the features shown at Ottawa this year. Ottawa features are, well, they've been really hit n' miss in the past...can't even remember the features from 2005 and 2006, quite frankly. Then, something like this year happens...two really strong features showed up in our Nation's Capitol. Persepolis, I'm not gonna talk about. Cuz better folks than me have already weighed's a damn important film, go see it, and grab the DVD when it comes out.

This film I can talk about though, cuz I've been waiting for freakin' YEARS for the likes of unapologetic, punk-ass, balls-to-the-wall action sci-fi freakfest, Akira by way of Stephen Chow as designed by Marv Newland. Just check out that (grainy, sorry) trailer. First released in 2006, it had it's North American premiere at a fest in Seattle, and blew everyone out the door in Ottawa. Haven't seen it? It's comin' to Toronto, for the Toronto_After_Dark film festival in October. Man, my cup runneth over. Can't say much now, but TAIS will have a hand in seein' that Aachi & Ssipak get a warm welcome. Fest trailer below. Cheers!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

OIAF 'O7: Yuichi Ito luvs bunnies

Quick post to letcha know I'll be makin' some slim posts this week on the fest, with more meatiness to come as soon as I've had a chance to A) recover from my vacation, B) get some quality time in with Halo 3 (see A) and C) edit my footage into something cohesive and shit. Meanwhile, here's Ito-San and his No, I want these stuffies! Sorry for the sideways video...fergot to reorient my cam; Hey, it was 9:30 a.m., and I hit the sheets at 1:30...yeah, Ottawa rocked several shades of ass. Late.

Monday, September 24, 2007

OIAF '07: A merry blur...

Whoof. First off, apologies for not posting anything beyond that first small post on Wednesday...gotta bring me a wi-fi equipped lappy next time. But, fear not, for I have managed to procure some awesome snaps and excellent footage which will slowly find it's way here as I edit it over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, enjoy this sampling of snaps from the fest.

Puppet fabber Jared_Hart wants you to touch his spider. With a lil' luck, we might have him up on this side of the lake to share his mojo on the art of spider-puppet building. And other stop-motion goodness as well, of course.

Curse you, Tickled Pink toystore. Can't walk past that joint (it's in the Byward Market) without picking up a puppet from Diabolo_Puppets...a most excellent penguin, in this case. I now have two puppets with which to eventually create my puppet podcast project...mebbe I'll have time this Christmas?

Yuichi Ito thinks bunnies rock...I concur. Ito-san (that's right, isn't it?) is the
proud papa of the NoRabbits...featured in the kid's competition, although he swears they're not just for the chillins'. Oh, and to answer your enevitable question, no, I din't get no NoRabbits stuffies...nuts.

Here's my shot of the show, the kid's from Art_Institute_Pittsburgh go all vogue on my ass. The book they're holding is "Oranges and Pliers", a cookbook assembled from recipes gleaned from different animators between 2006-2007. Ten bucks for John K.'s Meat recipe? Bargain. Here's the commercial they done put up on the YouTubes. Go get yerself a copy...'member, it's got MEAT.

People linin' up outside the Bytowne Cinema on the opening night. The feature that night was Persepolis, based on Marjane Satrapi's autobio graphic novel of her life growing up in revolutionary Iran, and the fallout of having to deal with lovin' a country in the grips of a bunch of extremist asshats. A film that manages to be profound and screamingly funny and bleak and hopeful all without comin' across like an idealogical sledgehammer. Go. Watch.

The Evil Universe J.J. Sedelmeier demands that you bow before his sartorial might. Besides workin' on a serious southern-fried 'stache, J.J.'s studio is still crankin' out commercial goodness, as well as Tek Jansen episodes. Two of 'em were in competition.

Here's Joann Quinn, she of Charmin' fame with a 35 mm reel of her short, "Dreams and Desires: Family Ties". I got some great footage of Joanna amidst assembled awestruck animation junkies at the National Gallery...after her retrospective, she spread out the collected bounty of her animation drawings on the stage for all to peruse, then fielded questions from one and all. She, of course, rocks.

One last pic from before I left, actually...this is the schwag I concocted for the show, 10 256-meg Sandisk USB keys with plastic sleeves to hold my contact info and compass carabiners to complete the package. Each one has a 218-meg Quicktime of my finished short, as well as a title card talkin' bout the production isself. Din't give 'em all away, but lucky recipients were Lev Polyakov, Pilar Newton, my profs Don Perro and Paul West, a rep from AniBoom and the Saguenay fest (which I'll talk about later) and Jerry Beck of Cartoon Brew fame. Next, I'll be submitting the short to Giraf3 (organized by Quickdraw) and Platform.

Hookay, 'nuff said fer now. I'll be posting video goodness over the next few weeks, and probably be compiling all my goodies into a DVD for the TAIS xmas party. Meanwhile, head on over to the OIAF site and check out the prize winners! Late.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

OIAF '07: First day!

First day! Got off to a damn rough start, going to the wrong damn subway station. Madi said Don Mills, I went to York Mills. What can I say, I'm a freakin' retard. Here's a few quick pics of Madi at the Arts Court building, Chris steppin' out of the office after an interview, and Joanna Quinn at the Chateau Laurier. Gotta get over to the Bytowne for the 7 o'clock screeing of Persepolis. More later!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Joanna Quinn, Teletoon pitches, and Pirate sound...

Bunch o' stuff to end the week here, kidlings. First off, if you've been by the OIAF site you've noted the Joanna Quinn retro. Well, if yer in Toronto, you get the chance to see the lady's films and mebbe meet n' greet at a free NFB event, sponsored by TAIS! Details in the poster above. For the uninitiated (a.k.a. anyone who hasn't turned on or passed by a t.v. in the past ten years, guy), Joanna is a U.K. animator famed for her flowing sketchy style and wicked sense of humour and timing...and, yeah, the Charmin' Bears...which thanks to her are pretty damn charmin'. Anybody with the skill to make a bear wiping it's ass in the woods look wholesome is a force to be reckoned with, my lil' snowflakes. She'll be holding court with NFB's animation main-man Michael Fukushima. Go. Her last film was a freakin' riot, and beautiful all the while.

Next, Teletoon is takin' pitches for their 'Detour' block. Reps will be prowlin' about the TAC and the festival proper all week, so buy 'em a pint and send in them show pitches, bitches. Go to Teletoon and click on the PressRoom link for more juicy details.

Finally, the dudes at Pirate (I'm link crazy, cuz I know how now! I is on teh interwebs!!!) got me the stereo and 5.1 tracks for 'First Time Out', just in time for me to whip up some special OIAF '07 promo USB keys (hopefully) this weekend...I'll letcha know what happens this Monday. Right, go home and play the videogames and eat the pizza.

Friday, September 7, 2007

TAIS Interviews: Dan Pinto

O.k., everybody what knows me knows I'm a sucker for animation, videogames, motorcycles, martial arts...and anything cute. Seriously, take a look at some of the crap on my desk...12 year-old girl or 37 year-old animator?

But this post ain't about me n' my desk clutter. (Meowth Rawks!) You know who does him some good cute? Dan Pinto, that's who. Frederator fans will know his work...ep. 96 featured his freaky-cute film "Hedgehug". A few words from the man hisself...

1) It's yer thesis film, correct? Tell us about yer school a bit.

I went to University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I majored in Animation. It's a small intimate department with a bunch of cool teachers. I even got to study under Paul Fierlinger.

2) What's the deal with the Nicktoons thang?

Umm... I got into the Nicktoons Festival. I got invited out to California but couldn't go. A bunch of other awesome shorts got in. We competed. I didn't win anything. The End.

3) What're ya workin' on now?

I start working (real paid work) soon. I got commissioned to do a global-warming PSA, and I want to start my next film.

4) Any chance of seein' yer stuff on a future 'Avoid Eye Contact' compilation?

I don't think I'm that good...yet.

5) Speakin' o' which, whassis I hear about workin' with Signe Baumann?

I start working for her this week. It's gonna be awesome!

6) A final word for your adoring public.

I don't think i have a public, much less an adoring one.

Somebody get this kid a public. And a spot on the next "Avoid Eye Contact". Seriously lookin' forward to what he and Signe come up with. And it's great to see new doods able to get their stuff seen by Nick, even though he din't walk away with the goods; Lil' advice from T-Dog...eyeballs watching yer film trumps a silly trophy any day o' the week. Hopefully, we'll see more Dan stuff on Frederator and the Youtubes in the future. And hedgehogs rawk.

TAIS Nooze

New newsletter from TAIS head-honcho Madi Piller...special NFB event featuring Joanna Quinn and a new fest to take a gander at. Plus, a reminder: 20 bucks off OIAF passes for TAIS members, so if yer goin', get yer pass, dammit! Check out them details:

1. EVENT :

The National Film Board of Canada, United Kingdom Trade and Investment and The Toronto Animated Image Society are proud to present: Joanna Quinn

Since her bold splash onto the world's auteur animation scene in 1987 with the Annecy hit Girls' Night Out, Joanna Quinn has arguably been one of the United Kingdom's most successful animation filmmakers. While audiences may not always know they're watching her animation brilliance, Quinn's presence on festival screens and home television screens is ubiquitous. From her ads of the Charmin bear (do they really do "that" in the forest?) to her multi-award winning most recent short, Dreams and Desires: Family Ties, Joanna Quinn is everywhere. Please join Quinn and NFB producer Michael Fukushima in conversation about her varied works, her choices in balancing art and commerce, and the sources of her wonderful writing and humour. Presented in partnership with United Kingdom Trade and Investment.

When : September 18
Time : 7:00 pm
Where: NFB Cinema ­150 John Street Toronto


GIRAF 3: Ginormous Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival!
November 2 + 3, 2007

GIRAF celebrates Independent + Underground Animation, showcasing Canadian Animators and presenting animations from around the Globe. looking for submissions in all forms that celebrate the spirit independent animation. We welcome creative ideas that bridge disciplines of animation with new forms of contemporary art, including performance, installation and new media projects...

Please submit your project entries and completed entry form no later than:
5:00pm, Friday October 06 . 2007
For short film submission form:

For installation project submission form:



TAIS members have $20 discount on your OIAF pass
You have to show your valid membership card

FOR more OIAF the BLOG on the

Toronto Animated Image Society
60 Atlantic Avenue, suite 102
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 1X9

Technorati taggin' and Mike L. checks in...

Just a quick post to let y'all know what Mike L., the upstanding head of Citizens Against Safety Goggles, is up to. Seems he's got a new character, "Uncle Hell" (any relation to Mr. Hell?) and will be premiering 4 new toons over four weeks, starting tanight (!) on FuelTV's show "Stupidface". Don't see it on the schedule (must need updatin', go to but trust him, it'll be there. Go watch. Bein' Canuckioid, I gots to wait for the Youtube. Meanwhile, here's some edyoumacashun 'bout bees.

Oh, you smartpants out there will notice the Technorati thang in the post URL...just tryin' to spread the woid is all...letcha know how it works out. I'll be posting about young Dan Pinto later today, don't think I done fergot. Late.

Technorati Profile

Thursday, September 6, 2007

BioShock review by Zero Punctuation

O.k., O.k., technically this isn't 'animated', but it's a great example of how a lil' design and motion and a lot of great writing can spice up that high-tech lo-fi hackneyed ol' web chestnut, the video-game review. This dood's rants became so popular that he eventually got 'discovered' by a brit culture mag, The Escapist, which now hosts him. For those viral marketing students out there, you can learn two things from this:

1) viral marketing HAPPENS. Like a bowel movement. Force it, and all yer gonna get is ...well, if yer out of college now you should know already. Just remember that ol' viral hemorrhoid known as 'All I want for Xmas is a PSP'. Right.

2) You don't have to force it, just find a funny yob like this guy and pay him some cash to keep doing what he is doing, but doing it on your site. Don't pay him to try to shill your stuff, that'll phuck the whole deal up faster than jamming a Prep-H butt bullet up yer nether regions.

Hookay, enuff. Have a bit of an interview with 'HedgeHug' animator Dan Pinto for ya tomorrow. Late.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

OIAF Poster Madness: Gary Panter (2005)

We'll end our poster retro with a fine piece of abtract goofing by one Gary Panter. And, yep, it's still available ifn' ya wants one.

What can I say about Gary Panter? Nothing, really...hate to admit I don't know the man's work, so I went and got me a net edyoumacashun. Turns out that's he's one of the most influential designers and illustrators of the past fitty years. No shit...I can see his influence in Keith Haring, Rodney Allen Greenblat and mebbe a lil' in Joe Murray's stuff. But what do I know? Let's hear from the man hisself:

Thanks to Youtube vlogger Rabid of Lo-Fi St. Louis ( for this great interview. I gotta admit, not knowing the man's larger body of work, I kinda dismissed the 2005 poster for it's goofy primitive look. Seeing his paintings in this lil' gallery snippet, however, is a real eye-opener...I'm really jealous of stream-o-conciousness guys like Gary. The stuff in his head seems to lie down on the canvas untranslated and pure, without the typical design nay-saying getting in the way. Here's some more Gary goodness, a short that I believe hails from the ol' Liquid Television series that MTV done did, back when they were all creative n' shit.

His last big for a set of "Simpson's Movie" Vans matte shoes...can't tell ya how cool THAT is. So, go out and grab yerself a pair of Vans kicks done up by Gary, and a copy of that OIAF poster for some instant street credibility. Nice.

O.k., that wraps up our look at OIAF posters past and present! Remember, kidlings, a lot of these are still available at the OIAF store. Go get 'em!

Enuff shameless fest shilling...gotta go get me a spindle and see about burning some DVD's of my short. If yer up in Ottawa, look for the large goateed mass dressed all in black with a white gumstick MP3 player round his neck, and mebbe I'll show you what I done! More later.

Frederator 96!

The doods at Frederator keep doin' they're thang. Cool Toons this week include Hedgehug by Dan Pinto, The Belittled by Vi-Dieu Nguyen, and a wacky CF promo. Enjoy!

Quick Update: I liked Hedgehug so darn much (you know me and the cute critters, what can I say, I'm a big puss) I sent Dan Pinto an e-mail. Hopefully, we'll get the word from the kid hisself. Currently, I can tell ya that he and Signe Baumane are up to some shenanigans of the animated variety...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Even wronger...if you like the Star Wars.

Did I mention that Robot Chicken Seas. 2 is out on DVD? Go. Buy. Enjoy. Here's a taste of Sithy goodness. More later.

Deliciously wrong...

I'll be posting something more, uhh...meaty tomorrow. Meanwhile, watch this. And if you laugh, yer goin' ta heck.