Thursday, September 6, 2007

BioShock review by Zero Punctuation

O.k., O.k., technically this isn't 'animated', but it's a great example of how a lil' design and motion and a lot of great writing can spice up that high-tech lo-fi hackneyed ol' web chestnut, the video-game review. This dood's rants became so popular that he eventually got 'discovered' by a brit culture mag, The Escapist, which now hosts him. For those viral marketing students out there, you can learn two things from this:

1) viral marketing HAPPENS. Like a bowel movement. Force it, and all yer gonna get is ...well, if yer out of college now you should know already. Just remember that ol' viral hemorrhoid known as 'All I want for Xmas is a PSP'. Right.

2) You don't have to force it, just find a funny yob like this guy and pay him some cash to keep doing what he is doing, but doing it on your site. Don't pay him to try to shill your stuff, that'll phuck the whole deal up faster than jamming a Prep-H butt bullet up yer nether regions.

Hookay, enuff. Have a bit of an interview with 'HedgeHug' animator Dan Pinto for ya tomorrow. Late.

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