Wednesday, September 5, 2007

OIAF Poster Madness: Gary Panter (2005)

We'll end our poster retro with a fine piece of abtract goofing by one Gary Panter. And, yep, it's still available ifn' ya wants one.

What can I say about Gary Panter? Nothing, really...hate to admit I don't know the man's work, so I went and got me a net edyoumacashun. Turns out that's he's one of the most influential designers and illustrators of the past fitty years. No shit...I can see his influence in Keith Haring, Rodney Allen Greenblat and mebbe a lil' in Joe Murray's stuff. But what do I know? Let's hear from the man hisself:

Thanks to Youtube vlogger Rabid of Lo-Fi St. Louis ( for this great interview. I gotta admit, not knowing the man's larger body of work, I kinda dismissed the 2005 poster for it's goofy primitive look. Seeing his paintings in this lil' gallery snippet, however, is a real eye-opener...I'm really jealous of stream-o-conciousness guys like Gary. The stuff in his head seems to lie down on the canvas untranslated and pure, without the typical design nay-saying getting in the way. Here's some more Gary goodness, a short that I believe hails from the ol' Liquid Television series that MTV done did, back when they were all creative n' shit.

His last big for a set of "Simpson's Movie" Vans matte shoes...can't tell ya how cool THAT is. So, go out and grab yerself a pair of Vans kicks done up by Gary, and a copy of that OIAF poster for some instant street credibility. Nice.

O.k., that wraps up our look at OIAF posters past and present! Remember, kidlings, a lot of these are still available at the OIAF store. Go get 'em!

Enuff shameless fest shilling...gotta go get me a spindle and see about burning some DVD's of my short. If yer up in Ottawa, look for the large goateed mass dressed all in black with a white gumstick MP3 player round his neck, and mebbe I'll show you what I done! More later.

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