Friday, September 7, 2007

Technorati taggin' and Mike L. checks in...

Just a quick post to let y'all know what Mike L., the upstanding head of Citizens Against Safety Goggles, is up to. Seems he's got a new character, "Uncle Hell" (any relation to Mr. Hell?) and will be premiering 4 new toons over four weeks, starting tanight (!) on FuelTV's show "Stupidface". Don't see it on the schedule (must need updatin', go to but trust him, it'll be there. Go watch. Bein' Canuckioid, I gots to wait for the Youtube. Meanwhile, here's some edyoumacashun 'bout bees.

Oh, you smartpants out there will notice the Technorati thang in the post URL...just tryin' to spread the woid is all...letcha know how it works out. I'll be posting about young Dan Pinto later today, don't think I done fergot. Late.

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