Friday, September 14, 2007

Joanna Quinn, Teletoon pitches, and Pirate sound...

Bunch o' stuff to end the week here, kidlings. First off, if you've been by the OIAF site you've noted the Joanna Quinn retro. Well, if yer in Toronto, you get the chance to see the lady's films and mebbe meet n' greet at a free NFB event, sponsored by TAIS! Details in the poster above. For the uninitiated (a.k.a. anyone who hasn't turned on or passed by a t.v. in the past ten years, guy), Joanna is a U.K. animator famed for her flowing sketchy style and wicked sense of humour and timing...and, yeah, the Charmin' Bears...which thanks to her are pretty damn charmin'. Anybody with the skill to make a bear wiping it's ass in the woods look wholesome is a force to be reckoned with, my lil' snowflakes. She'll be holding court with NFB's animation main-man Michael Fukushima. Go. Her last film was a freakin' riot, and beautiful all the while.

Next, Teletoon is takin' pitches for their 'Detour' block. Reps will be prowlin' about the TAC and the festival proper all week, so buy 'em a pint and send in them show pitches, bitches. Go to Teletoon and click on the PressRoom link for more juicy details.

Finally, the dudes at Pirate (I'm link crazy, cuz I know how now! I is on teh interwebs!!!) got me the stereo and 5.1 tracks for 'First Time Out', just in time for me to whip up some special OIAF '07 promo USB keys (hopefully) this weekend...I'll letcha know what happens this Monday. Right, go home and play the videogames and eat the pizza.

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