Friday, September 7, 2007

TAIS Interviews: Dan Pinto

O.k., everybody what knows me knows I'm a sucker for animation, videogames, motorcycles, martial arts...and anything cute. Seriously, take a look at some of the crap on my desk...12 year-old girl or 37 year-old animator?

But this post ain't about me n' my desk clutter. (Meowth Rawks!) You know who does him some good cute? Dan Pinto, that's who. Frederator fans will know his work...ep. 96 featured his freaky-cute film "Hedgehug". A few words from the man hisself...

1) It's yer thesis film, correct? Tell us about yer school a bit.

I went to University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I majored in Animation. It's a small intimate department with a bunch of cool teachers. I even got to study under Paul Fierlinger.

2) What's the deal with the Nicktoons thang?

Umm... I got into the Nicktoons Festival. I got invited out to California but couldn't go. A bunch of other awesome shorts got in. We competed. I didn't win anything. The End.

3) What're ya workin' on now?

I start working (real paid work) soon. I got commissioned to do a global-warming PSA, and I want to start my next film.

4) Any chance of seein' yer stuff on a future 'Avoid Eye Contact' compilation?

I don't think I'm that good...yet.

5) Speakin' o' which, whassis I hear about workin' with Signe Baumann?

I start working for her this week. It's gonna be awesome!

6) A final word for your adoring public.

I don't think i have a public, much less an adoring one.

Somebody get this kid a public. And a spot on the next "Avoid Eye Contact". Seriously lookin' forward to what he and Signe come up with. And it's great to see new doods able to get their stuff seen by Nick, even though he din't walk away with the goods; Lil' advice from T-Dog...eyeballs watching yer film trumps a silly trophy any day o' the week. Hopefully, we'll see more Dan stuff on Frederator and the Youtubes in the future. And hedgehogs rawk.

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Dan Pinto said...

Thanks for the kind words.