Friday, June 15, 2007

Sketchy Fridays: My Anijam video

Not exactly a sketch, but then agin' the anijam didn't exactly go to plan, which is typcial. It's my fault, really, for announcing it so damn close to the TAIS showcase...I guess it's a really busy time of year out there for everyone as well. So, actual submissions for the anijam were a lil' thin on the ground...all told, we've got about six.

What we've got is really great, though, so we're gonna get inventive. Rather than run 'em all as a sequence, Madi's gonna splice 'em in as 10 second interstitials between the bigger films. Clever, no? My submission appears above. I had planned on takin' the full two weeks to do this, but in the final days of finishing 'First Time Out', I could only spare a Tuesday evening. Plus, Madi's gotta have the film edited and done and in the NFB projectionist's hot lil' hands by early next week. So, I took a pre-exisiting 3d character I did for the guys over at GamerCast networks ( and made this lil' ode to accuracy.

Meanwhile, I've got to do the final edits to 'First Time Out' this weekend and shoot the guys at Pirate a final Quicktime. The Ottawa selection board's Jerret Zaroski tossed me a bone and is allowing me to submit my film by end of next week, so the Pirate's are rushin' to finish up the sound so I can shoot off a DVD late next week. My main concern is getting the film done and done right...if that means missing my chance to submit to OIAF, I'm cool with that. But, if we can hit the deadline...fingers crossed, people.

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Joel said...

That's great. Lots of character and a quality gag. I like the satellite dish on the head. Think I could do with one of those.