Monday, June 11, 2007

Dog eat Dog: original series vs. liveaction trailer

O.k., those of you who know Jerry Beck know he can be an old-fashioned sorta gent, so when I here him casting dispersions at a certain live-action remake of a certain classic animated character, I gotta think it's his luddite tendencies acting up agin'. 'Til I witnessed this tragedy.

What I can't understand is the need to use the UnderDog name at all...the character doesn't sound or look or act like the original toon(in as much as I can tell from the brief bit of Spidey-esque dialogue...hell, they even grifted the font, fer corn's sake) No contemporary kid knows UnderDog, and only afficianados like the aforementioned Mr. Beck even remember him, 'cept for fond fuzzy memories of Saturday morns past. So, why?

People will continue to fight for no good reason, eat and drink stuff they know is bad for 'em, watch NASCAR, and fund/produce bad films. You'll go crazy tryin' to figger out why, so it's best to just look away. Go see Surf's Up.

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