Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The dude's name is Pierre Coffin...gooooooaaaall!

Ah, the joy of YouTube. I sent a quick note to Tuber BestOfLive, who shot me a note back sayin' the individual responsible for our dog and hippo hyjinks is 3d Max maestro Pierre Coffin. From what I can glean off of teh interwebs, he's not well enough known in general circles to have his own Wikipedia page, which is freakin' odd, cuz he's all over YouTube like a bad rug. He was born in '67, which makes him 3 years my senior (yes, I'm freakin' old...sue me.) He did a year-long stint at Amblimation (Spielberg's now-defunct 2d animation house), and now does his thang at Ex Machina, one of France's premiere commercial houses. I'll shoot him an e-mail or two, see if we can't get the good word from the man hisself. Meanwhile, here's some more Pat and Stanley, and a groovy lil' commercial he directed for UK client Vizzaviz.

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