Monday, June 25, 2007

La Linea week: Ep. 1

Back after what hopefully will be a final weekend of wrestling with Plasma and Premiere, rendering out all my scenes and then editing in Premiere to account for frame drift. It's lookin' good, but 5 hours to render 6, I need some new hardware.

Let's deflate from the complex by celebrating the elegantly simple. Aaron over at Cold Hard Flash mentions in a recent post a film inspired by this classic series, La Linea, which I used to watch on CHAU-TV in Northern N.B. These were started in 1969 by Osvaldo Cavandoli as a promo for Lagostini kitchenware, but became so popular he just kept 'em going. This series was a big fave with broadcasters lookin' for an interstitial series that wouldn't require translation...Mr. Linea speaks totally in Italian-flavoured gibberish. The 'animator as God' schtick is still a good one...just ask the Cellar Door Productions guys about their Doodlez series (another fave)

Anyhoo, here's Ep. 1. Enjoy! Oh, and don't ferget...TAIS showcase on Wednesday night! WOOT!

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Just thought I would let you all know about my upcoming art show. Check it out at my blog at

I'm looking forward to teaching the character design workshop with Brian in July.