Tuesday, June 26, 2007

La Linea week: Ep.5...featuring the Allen Show!

Our hero finds himself in a bit of a rut in ep. 5. For those of you who wanna grab the whole collection of films, over 100 in total, they released a 3 dvd boxed set. In Germany. Three years ago. Happy hunting.

Meanwhile, Ol' TAIS homey Allen Swerling has checked in from the deep, steamy jungles of deepest, darkest Hamilton, Ontario. Seems he's got an upcoming art exhibit, and he'd like people ta come out and see his freaky-groovy 'sky art'. It's got Tikis and Duckies in it, so it gets my vote. His blog is at:


and has been added to the Links of Doom! More La Linea tomorrow...meanwhile, get over to Allen's blog and find out more about the show. Good luck dood! Hey, get yer ass down to the TAIS showcase tomorrow, I'll be there!

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