Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Superman: Electric Earthquake

Well, I'm still waiting for confirmation from the rest of the TAIS board concerning that big announcement I was tellin' y'all about. Don't worry, It'll be soon, I'm thinking beginning of next week now. Just be patient, it will rock yer collective socks off.

In the meanwhile, here's a chunk of classic goodness. Madi will know this film well. It's one of the Superman shorts from animation masters the Fleischer bros. Me n' Rob (Splashworks art director) were talkin' about cartoons he'd like to show his kids (Hobbes, 4 and Darwin, 2) and got to talkin' about Supes in his many toon incarnations...this is by far my fave Supes film. Pay particularly close attention to the bad guy. Where another studio would've gone with a gross cultural stereotype, Max and Dave came up with a multilayered villain...a Native American who wants to reclaim Manhattan, and uses his science smarts and business cash to create a lil' electric mayhem...Yeah, Lois is still the damsel in distress, but hey, it's still damn progressive for 1942. Enjoy!

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