Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Small blog update...I'm tryin', dere me.

Just a quick note to show that I'm makin' headway in this here bloggin' thang. Managed to haxxor in a few TAIS graphics, though what I'd really like is to have a header graphic with no text elements overlayed. Hey, it's a work in progress, neh?

Speakin' of which, the TAIS board meeting on Monday rocked several shades of heiney. Lots of great ideas were tossed about, and Craig Marshall showed us some crazy art concepts for the new TAIS general-purpose posters and mailer cards. That's a screencap from one of his shorts, go see 'em at

Plus, Madi had a great idea for a collaberative project that I can't mention just yet...'twill be groovy, though, trust me. I should be able to give you the lowdown closer to the middle of next month. 'Til then, I'll be profiling more of the TAIS members and bringing you more animated nuttiness in general. Cheers!

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