Friday, March 16, 2007

Ninth Life of Sherman Phelps

Profiling Neptoon Studios work here with a piece created by Todd & Mark. (Mark Thornton I know of, but who is this mysterious 'Todd', and why does he yet walk among mortal men?) 'The Ninth Life of Sherman Phelps' ran on YTV a while I've been told. ('member, no cable? Cuz I'm, like, workin' on my bunny film and teh TeeVee zombifies my ass?) Either way, it's a great accident prone puss has offed hisself 8 times, but his eight ghost's can't get into kitty heaven until the ninth bites the bullet, so they try to, uhmm, speed up the process. YouTube dood HappyJimmy has posted three of these...a Neptoon staffer, mehaps? Anyhoo, enjoy da goodness.

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