Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Richard Condie classic

Sorry for the lack o' posts lately...damn cold. Apparently Madi is down with the sickness as well, cuz tonight's board meeting was canceled on account of our prez being under the weather. The -20 degrees in the sunlight weather. Yay. Get better, Madi! Here's something to shake off the cold...a Ralph Condie short I bet you've never seen! Originally supposed to be shown on international flights landing in Canada, according to the YouTuber what posted it, it was just too weird for your average (I'm guessing) late seventies Canuck, and it was never used. Anybody who knows more about this slice of classic Condie wackiness, drop me a line! Oh, and you may wanna let this one pre-load...it's a lil' on the pokey side, speed-wise. Enjoy!

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