Friday, March 16, 2007

A staggering piece of animation genius...

...this piece ain't. I work in teh game industry, and anybody who knows me knows that I can go rantin' on a freakin' dime. When Nintendo came out with the name of their new system during last year's E3 game conference, I almost popped a hemorrhoid. Revolution was now called Wii. As in 'play together'. As in 'goofy lil' iconic name that'll sell millions'. As in 'goofy lil' iconic name that'll make any gamer who owns it sound like a total putz every damn time he/she mentions it."

I whipped this up that very night in about six hours or so, as some kind of therapy, I guess. If you can find one of these lil' wonder boxes, get it, they freakin' rock. Just refer to it as 'the console formerly known as Revolution.' Thanks to the doods at ThreeBrain for the use of their smash interweb hit 'Gonads and Strife'.

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