Monday, April 16, 2007

Secret Revealed: the TAIS Anijam!!!

I promised, and I promised and here she be. The official announcement of our big secret spring project, the TAIS Anijam! As you can see from my Flash 'Poster', the concept is simple; animate yerself 10 seconds, no more no less, on the topic of 'Machines'...any style ya want. Clay. Flash. 3d. Paper Cutouts. Drawrin. Silly Putty. Meat. Whatever. Just have it finished by May 15th and submitted to TAIS by May 23rd, and we'll toss 'em into a big clockwork salad of animated goodness! If all goes to plan, the first screening of the film will be at the TAIS summer showcase in June at the NFB here in Toronto.

All the info you need (what to submit your film on, where to send it, etc.)is in the submission form...just click on the .doc or .pdf button in the flash movie above, fill it out, send it in, and commence to animatin'!

Kudos to Madi Piller for comin' up with the idea, Craig Marshall for suggesting the theme, and Ruth Tait, for getting it all together and ready ta go on the TAIS site. Download your submission forms and get to animating, people!


michael said...

This sound cool! Why does the film need to be finished by May 15th but submitted the 23rd? I don't quite understand that part.

TempleDog said...

This is the time you'll need for your submission to reach us in the mail! Madi will be collecting the films together and starting to work her editing magicks just after that date, so we can have it together in time for the TAIS summer showcase screening at the end of June.

Anonymous said...

Is the contest open to individuals outside of the Toronto? If so, how can we apply online? How can we deliver assets digitally? (I'm not confident about snail nail timeframes.)

TempleDog said...

I'm gonna do a supplementary post with more submission info on how to submit your form and film if'n you're too far away to do the snailmail thang.