Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mr. Hell Fortnight...by popular demand!

We've had our first official request here on the TAIS blog from erstwhile comedy writer Joel Jessup...y'know, wrote for Mr. Hell, left us our first official bit of commentary-type talk? He's promised to toss us a few good words about his life in Hell (the writing bits anyway) as long as I extend my Mr. Hell week to a fortnight...which I'll have to look up in Oxford's, cuz I'm dense. And Canadian. Joel should be just returned from Easter Holidays...should hear from him soon. Meanwhile, here's a few hellish pickup techniques for ya!

Quick note, we're just ironing out the final details on the submission form (yep, there's a form involved! It's all legit n' shit.) for that "secret project" I was talkin' bout. Announcement before week's end, swear ta freakin' Xenu. (do a Wikipedia search on that X word; just be prepared to laff yer ass off.)

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