Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mr. Hell: Serge the Seal of Death

I promised you some soft, cuddly carnage earlier this week, and here it is! The 'Canadian Content' half (he said with a smirk) of the Mr. Hell Show, Serge's parents were slain in front of his very adorable eyes (damn Newfies!) and it left him, well, a lil' bent out of sorts. Here we find him attending a Paris fashion school, trying to destroy the system from within...with the usual results.

Ironically enough, the Mr. Hell series just got released on DVD on April 2nd. Fer the love of Satan on a buttery Ritz cracker, go out and get yerself a copy, whydontcha! I'll have info on Canuck DVD shops what are gonna carry it in time for Friday's post. Cheers!


Joel said...

Did you work on this episode? I was the one on the UK end writing the scripts! I've got to say the animation turned out brilliantly. That's the best clothes dummy robot with a pathological hatred of sequins I've ever seen.

TempleDog said...

Alas, thang is game animation, and plum gigs like Mr. Hell come around every blue moon or so. Hey, send me a few words about writing for "Mr. Hell", and I'll toss 'em in an upcoming post. Just head over to my site:

and click on the 'contact' link.